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Petra Thalmeier

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mostly mountains - The main subject of Petra Thalmeier's paintings and woodworks are mountains and their changing impression due to time of day, weather and light, but also human interference. Since her days as a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, the Bavarian artist enjoyed roaming the Alps with a sketchbook and a camera. Her passion took her not only to the Austrian, Swiss, Italian and French Alps as well as to the Bavarian parts, but also as far as the Norwegian glaciers and places like Patagonia, Peru and South Africa.
In her studio, the artist intensifies her impressions, producing large colourful paintings, or, recently, some smaller ones, too, according to her intentions and subjects.
Three years ago, she created the »petite boîte à pays« series: small tin boxes containing portraits of mountain peaks. For a short overview of Petra Thalmeier's oeuvre, just take a look.

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